Adding SASS & SCSS to Sublime Text 2

Lately at work we have been using SASS for our new web app Inkdit. Sass has been a blessing as well as a curse.

Aside from the benefits of SASS we have been using another extension of SASS called SCSS, Read more on the benefits of SASS here.

One Editor that I have been using occasionally is Sublime Text and while it’s not my favorite it is a great text editor.

After manually changing the syntax mode from plain text to CSS on all of my SASS files I had a look for a package. I found that Sublime Text supports many languages and supports some of TextMate syntax highlighting files.

Then I did some hacking and was able to add the SCSS extension with little trouble at all.

Follow these steps:

Preferences > Browse Packages

Download sublime-text-haml-sass from Github and copy the two folders into the Package folder.

Open the SASS folder, Under Syntax’s open up SASS.tmLanguage

Save, restart Sublime Text and Enjoy!