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How to Cache wp-json with CloudFront

I’m not sure if I’m the only one who has tried to Cache WordPress API endpoint wp-json without a plugin, but I sure didn’t find anything useful out there. I have been working with the WordPress API bringing some blog content into a non WordPress site and noticed that like most things with WordPress the…

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Caching – “Because It’s Faster, Of Course”

Never blindly trust that a caching solution will help make your site faster

Previously I wrote about Effective caching with WordPress and how I ended up improving the site speed by nearly 400%. I wanted to talk more about how you should never blindly trust that a caching solution will help make your site faster. The basic concept of caching is to save the server time by keeping…

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Effective caching with WordPress

You can only throw so much money at a problem before you are forced to fix it.

Effective caching with WordPress is not always a straightforward as it should be. WordPress has had the same architecture for many years, but it’s a large undertaking to revamp it. It means losing compatibility with hundreds of thousands of plugins and themes. Because of this WordPress runs a bit slower and needs some finer attention…

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Enabling Memcached in MAMP4

Make it Speedy!

I do all of my Laravel and WordPress locally using MAMP. I like to keep my development process as simple as possible and MAMP lets me do just that. But sometimes you need just a little bit more than what comes out of the box. Caching is an important part of that development cycle and…