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Simple Googe Geolocation

What it is, and how you can use it.

What is Geolocation? Geolocation is a method used to find the location of your internet device on earth. Imagine you lost your cell phone, and use the find my phone option. The location of your phone will be your device’s last known location. How does Geolocation work? There are two main types of data collection….

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Easy Google Distance Matrix

What is the Distance Matrix? A Distance Matrix is a service that provides travel distance and information between two points based on the recommended route from Google’s APIs. In the case of Google, you can also specify the mode of transportation such as walking, cycling, transit, and driving. How does Distance Matrix work? Google’s Distance…

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Simple Geocoding with Googe Maps

What is Geocoding? Geocoding is a process of transforming a description of a location into a pair of coordinates on the earth’s surface. How does Geocoding work? At a very basic level, your address input will be classified as relative, or absolute. An example of relative data would be the house next door, where an…

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How to connect Google Site Kit to WordPress

What is Site Kit? You might be like me and wondering what Google Site Kit is. Like many Google products, there seem to be so many cool products out there that no one knows about. Site Kit is no exception. Site Kit brings many of the Google advertising and analytics tools inside of WordPress giving…