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Effective caching with WordPress

You can only throw so much money at a problem before you are forced to fix it.

Effective caching with WordPress is not always a straightforward as it should be. WordPress has had the same architecture for many years, but it’s a large undertaking to revamp it. It means losing compatibility with hundreds of thousands of plugins and themes. Because of this WordPress runs a bit slower and needs some finer attention…

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How I monitor my VPS for free!

Home made server monitoring with SMS alerts.

As I have moved over to a VPS server in the past 6 months I have run up against the paranoia of “is my server still running?” I had been using, a great service that pings a site every couple of minutes and notifies you of an outage. This was great when I was on a…

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How I made my beefy VPS

How I configured my LAMP stack.

Building a VPS is a lot like planning the foundation to your home, you need to have everything done correctly before you can start building up. I chose a base install of Ubuntu Server 12.10, and knew that I needed at a minimum a LAMP server. But there are a number of other tools that are needed…