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My name is Adam Patterson,

I am a divergent thinker and a maker focusing my time on UI/UX, Design, Development, Lead Gen, Product Analytics, and Customer Journey tracking.

I take extreme pride and ownership in the work that I do and over the past decade I have worked with Creative Agencies, Established Products, Startups, Government, and the Auto Industry.

My passion is in connecting the dots using new, existing, or creating integrations that bridge the gap. Testing and making changes, Continually learning and making improvements.

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Adam Patterson

WordPress and Development

Getting your site online is easy, but making sure it is done cost effectively requires planning. Using a Content Management System like WordPress allows the you to make and update content with little to no knowledge of HTML. By using a WordPress you will cut costs in maintenance and allow your website to become “Future Proof” and allows more advanced features like Custom Data, SEO, and Search to be done more effectively.

Web & Application Design

By listening to what your goals are I can design clean and effective websites with usability in mind. All of my websites are optimized for the user as well as search engines. By making a site stand up to standards I can ensure a quality product that can be viewed predictably in all major browsers and devices.

Digital Strategy

There are many paths from start to finish, Knowing how best to get there is the trick. I can help you focus you time and effort in key areas allowing you to get the maximum return.

User Research

Wouldn’t you like to see the future? Or at least the outcome of your project before you commit your budget to any one thing? By creating a prototype you remove all the smoke and mirrors and are left with an idea that will either need improvement or will reinforce your direction. You can make informed decisions based on your target audiences success or failure.

Search Engine Optimization & Content Strategy

These are areas where I am more than happy to recommend good people that will get the job done!