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Axe & Handle Updated to include WebPack / Laravel Mix

While I continually update Axe and Handle as I work on new projects, I had a request to add WebPack and thought rather than going into a complicated build process I would add Laravel Mix. Feel free to install Bootstrap, jQuery and other resources using NPM. But you now have the full power of Laravel…

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Centering columns in Bootstrap 3

Previously I had talked about centering columns in Bootsteap 2. But how do we go about doing the same with Bootstrap 3? This approach is actually a lot cleaner and intended only for instances where offsets won’t work. Sometimes you need to center a column count that does not divide evenly by 12. You are…

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Custom Instagram gallery

I have been taking photos for years, I used to post a lot on Flickr and then something happened.

I had kids and things got busy, and I started to shoot a lot less with my DLSR. I still shoot from time to time. But I now have a multi-year backlog of photos to process. I still get out and about and love to take photos. I just do it whit my LG G4 rather…

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Centering Columns in Bootstrap 2

Ever wish you could simply center a bootstrap column? Like an odd-numbered column? Grids are great, Look at all that order that they provide! I have been using them for years, but there are always certain instances where the grid fails, and you begin to lose the practicality of the grid. For instance. If you…