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Bootstrap centered nav menus

I have used the CSS Frameowker Bootstrap now since version 2. Bootstrap 4, as I’m sure you know, is nearing maturity and it was time to rebuild my theme using Bootstrap 4. I wanted to maintain a justified and centred navigation menu. This was easier to do than I had thought. I build my menus…

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Getting Popper.js to work properly with Codekit.

Seems like everything is harder than it needs to be. Using Bootstrap 4 requires Popper.js for things like Tool Tips and Dropdown menus to work. Bootstraps own site is less than helpful when it comes to building your own code, to be fair they are still in Beta. But Popper’s own site is maybe less…

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Proper WordPress menus with Bootstrap 4

Bootstrap 4 has come a long way, but it doesn't fit inside of WordPress all that well.

One common struggle with WordPress is the integration of menus with different front-end frameworks like Bootstrap. Making them work out of the box is impossible and requires some goofing around. In this article, I will show you how to make some simple adjustments to your menu that will allow you to easily style them with…

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Centering columns in Bootstrap 3

Previously I had talked about centering columns in Bootsteap 2. But how do we go about doing the same with Bootstrap 3? This approach is actually a lot cleaner and intended only for instances where offsets won’t work. Sometimes you need to center a column count that does not divide evenly by 12. You are…

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Centering Columns in Bootstrap 2

Ever wish you could simply center a bootstrap column? Like an odd-numbered column? Grids are great, Look at all that order that they provide! I have been using them for years, but there are always certain instances where the grid fails, and you begin to lose the practicality of the grid. For instance. If you…