Snow Peak Chopsticks

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I bought these collapsible chopsticks from Snow Peak for a camping trip. I received a lot of flack from my wife and friends.

They all thought it was silly. I thought it was the coolest thing ever and what better to try them then out then a upcoming camping trip.

A 2 hour hike in the dark lit by head lamps with a 40lb+ pack crossing glacial rivers (no once… No I had to carry my wife and her pack on separate trips). By the time we reached camp we had to locate water. Not to had to find but hard to access. I ate instant mashed potatoes with curry noodles, utensil of choice? CHOPSTICKS!

I had hot chocolate after and my chopsticks doubled as a stir stick.

My only downfall was in the morning when I had Sunny Boy for breakfast. That’s when it became apparent that not everything could be eaten with chopsticks. Its not to say that I never tried but I eventually broke down and used my spoon… My Titanium Spork to be more precise.

So why did I like these chopsticks so much?

Well they are collapsible to only 4.5 inches and weigh in at 28g. The handles are stainless steel handle and the tips are made from Japanese birch wood.

Adam Patterson

Adam Patterson

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