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Working with branches in Composer

From time to time, you will find that you are going to need to work on a new feature, maybe your main application has some changes that live in your composer package or maybe you are adding a new feature to your compose package. In both scenarios, you might be maintaining a couple of feature…

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Simple Googe Geolocation

What it is, and how you can use it.

What is Geolocation? Geolocation is a method used to find the location of your internet device on earth. Imagine you lost your cell phone, and use the find my phone option. The location of your phone will be your device’s last known location. How does Geolocation work? There are two main types of data collection….

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Laravel 7 Custom Email Verification Template

I will be assuming that you have already got Laravel installed, setup and tour authentication is working. Otherwise, why would you be looking into customizing the email templates? 😁 The Laravel documentation for Email Verification will cover the setup by reading the documentation. But it stops just short of actually explaining how to customize the…

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Laravel 7 Custom Password Rest Email Template

The Laravel documentation mentions that you can customize the Password Rest Template, but doesn’t explain how you would actually do it. That said, I will assume that you already have auth and have published your auth views. That is covered very well in the documentation. As stated in the documentation you will need to over…

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Easy Google Distance Matrix

What is the Distance Matrix? A Distance Matrix is a service that provides travel distance and information between two points based on the recommended route from Google’s APIs. In the case of Google, you can also specify the mode of transportation such as walking, cycling, transit, and driving. How does Distance Matrix work? Google’s Distance…

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Simple Geocoding with Googe Maps

What is Geocoding? Geocoding is a process of transforming a description of a location into a pair of coordinates on the earth’s surface. How does Geocoding work? At a very basic level, your address input will be classified as relative, or absolute. An example of relative data would be the house next door, where an…

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A better WordPress admin title.

At least for me!

At the moment I have 5 posts open to edit. Looking at them, all I see is “Edit Post < Adam Patterson – WordPress“. Sure 5 tabs aren’t that many and not that hard to sort through but I began to wonder why WordPress wouldn’t simply show the post title for pages and posts. Lucky…

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Quickly start using Webpack Monitor with Laravel Mix

Know what you're packing

Webpack is the third build tool that I have used in the last 2-3 years. It’s inevitable that you will come across build tools. For small quick and dirty projects I still use Code Kit, But for those larger and more complex sites, I like to use Laravel Mix. It seemed to offer the most…

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Docker, Staging sites, and Robots.txt

Deploying production and staging sites using Docker is quick and simple, but having one repo, two servers that need two environments can be tricky. My Docker setup involves a container on AWS, and deployments from Cloud Docker. When I deploy a change or a new feature to production or staging the entire environment is pushed….

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How to get SSL working with MAMP.

What the heck Google!

I have an updated post on Super simple local wildcard SSL that will allow you to greatly simplify the certificate creation steps. Local SSL has always been something that I ignored. So I never gave it the time of day. That is until Google did the unthinkable. They bought the .dev TLD. And not only…