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How to make WordPress play nice behind Flexible SSL

Flexible SSL is more than a fancy word. It’s an alternative to the more complicated and sometimes expensive method of adding a secure HTTPS connection to your site. Having a secure website isn’t just good for authentication, data integrity, or encryption. It is also something that Google will factor in when ranking your site. It…

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Debugging with PHPStorm and Xdebug

See what's under the hood.

Setup If you haven’t configured MAMP to use Xdebug yet then you can do so by reading this quick article. In addition, add the following just under zend_extension. It should be noted that Xdebug should not be on your production server and enabling the remote_connect_back flag is also not recommended for publicly accessible staging servers…

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MAMP and Zend Xdebug

This is more of a simple note to self. But after setting up a fresh computer, all of those fuzzy little bits about getting MAMMP to work perfectly slip my mind. The one thing that can be a little confusing with MAMP is the multiple config locations. For example, I am running PHP 7.1.8 and…

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Effective caching with WordPress

You can only throw so much money at a problem before you are forced to fix it.

Effective caching with WordPress is not always a straightforward as it should be. WordPress has had the same architecture for many years, but it’s a large undertaking to revamp it. It means losing compatibility with hundreds of thousands of plugins and themes. Because of this WordPress runs a bit slower and needs some finer attention…

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Image rotation is not supported by your web host.

When you build your own Web Server you are bound to run into little issues. In my case, they always seem to be WordPress related… Previously I had an issue connecting JetPack to, you can read about that here. Recently I attached a Featured Image on a blog post and went to rotate the…

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Handle, The Child theme for Axe

Every Axeneeds a Handle

I created Axe (Which you can find here) to aid in my day to day workflow with WordPress, and once I had built enough sites using it. Refining the setup as I went, I was ready to make a child theme. Naturally, every Axe needs a Handle. One notable difference in flexibility is the use of…

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Make a custom Composer Package.

First, what is Composer and what is a Package? Composer is a dependency manager for PHP. Those Dependencies are what we call Packages that don’t have to be but are usually stored on Packagist. Making a private Composer Package is really simple, but the first thing that you need to make a new repo for…

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Enabling Memcached in MAMP4

Make it Speedy!

I do all of my Laravel and WordPress locally using MAMP. I like to keep my development process as simple as possible and MAMP lets me do just that. But sometimes you need just a little bit more than what comes out of the box. Caching is an important part of that development cycle and…

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Simple Cache buster for WordPress

Bust it by Design.

As with the Simple Cachebuster for Laravel I found myself needing a way to invalidate a WordPress sites assets. So as I did before, I opted to add a task to my gulpfile.js that will generate a file in the root of the site for me. /wp-cache-buster.php that simply contains a timestamp. The difference with…

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Local workflow for private Composer packages

A simple symlink between the composer package and your project allows you to keep your core code all in one place.

I work on two rather large projects that follow two specific life cycles. I want to show you how easy it is to use and setup private Composer packages for use in Laravel. This does not need to be a private package and will work just the same with a public package that you might…

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Axe WordPress Starter Theme

Cut through the BS and get straight to work!

Axe is a simple bare bone WordPress starter theme structure. It’s a theme meant to be a starting point to get you set up and running as fast as possible. My workflow might not be very orthodox but I typically review the design, Setup my Custom post types using Custom Post Type UI and setup…

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Using a private Composer package with Laravel and Docker.

Developing packages for use with laravel is reasonably straightforward. But we don’t all make the code for public consumption on Packagist. Adding a custom repository to your composer.json file will allow us to pull code straight from your Github account rather than Packagist. Now you should be able to add your package under require “adampatterson/app-core”:…

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Problems connecting your WordPress site to Jetpack.

XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only

After setting up a fresh install of WordPress on my new Digital Ocean box with PHP 7.0 I had a few issues reconnecting my Jetpack accounts. I got the error XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only and after doing some research found out it’s caused by a missing PHP extension for XML that handles Dom…