Handle, The Child theme for Axe

Every Axeneeds a Handle

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I created Axe (Which you can find here) to aid in my day to day workflow with WordPress, and once I had built enough sites using it. Refining the setup as I went, I was ready to make a child theme.

Naturally, every Axe needs a Handle.

One notable difference in flexibility is the use of a function that I created called get_template_part_acf() to replace get_template_part(). It acts exactly the same but rather than requiring the file returns the path for us to include. This allows us access to variables outside of the template parts. I use ACF quite heavily and this means that I can load all of the ACF data more or less centrally allowing me to cascade it down into each template partial.

There is also support to load ACF JSON from the child theme, Composer Autoloading, and forcing all template assets to be loaded from the child theme.

Grab Handle here.

Adam Patterson

Adam Patterson

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