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WordPress Loop Helpers

If you have ever used Laravel, you have probably also used Blade. Blade is a simple and powerful template language provided with Laravel. Blade has many wonderful features but one of them, as it relates to WordPress, is how it works with a The Loop. Normally in the WordPress loop you would set a variable…

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How to connect Google Site Kit to WordPress

What is Site Kit? You might be like me and wondering what Google Site Kit is. Like many Google products, there seem to be so many cool products out there that no one knows about. Site Kit is no exception. Site Kit brings many of the Google advertising and analytics tools inside of WordPress giving…

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A better WordPress admin title.

At least for me!

At the moment I have 5 posts open to edit. Looking at them, all I see is “Edit Post < Adam Patterson – WordPress“. Sure 5 tabs aren’t that many and not that hard to sort through but I began to wonder why WordPress wouldn’t simply show the post title for pages and posts. Lucky…

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Centering Social Media Blocks with Gutenberg

Gutenberg just needs a little hand.

I can confirm that centering of most media embeds does not work. Left and right alignment do, but it then causes content to wrap around the media in an undesirable ( for me ) way. Here is some SCSS that mostly worked for me. There is some spacing on the right that I haven’t tracked…

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Responsive Video Embeds with Gutenberg

Quick and easy!

I have been spending some time re-working my starter theme Axe to support Gutenberg, and as part of the process has been updating the theme to support Bootstrap 4 as well as a bunch of other cleanup. After testing some dummy content I noticed that out of the box Gutenberg does not support responsive video…

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Clean up your WordPress Draft posts!

Where Ideas sometimes happen.

I think I am what I would call an Idea guy. I like to come up with “cool” ideas, some times I will go as far as to write some specs, make some simple sketches… And then totally forget about them. Or if I am lucky I will come back to them months later. This…

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Using Laravel Mix in Your WordPress Theme

I have been using Laravel Mix or Elixer as it was once known with Laravel for a long time now and have recently started using it with my WordPress projects. I thought I would share how you can get up and running with as little hassle as possible. I also include my mix() method that…

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How to display draft posts in the blog loop

The other day I realized that I had a lot of posts sitting in draft mode, but I wanted to have a look and see what the Blog loop looked like. Obviously viewing the draft post isn’t a big deal. I began to wonder if it was possible to display draft posts in the blog…

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How to make WordPress play nice behind Flexible SSL

Flexible SSL is more than a fancy word. It’s an alternative to the more complicated and sometimes expensive method of adding a secure HTTPS connection to your site. Having a secure website isn’t just good for authentication, data integrity, or encryption. It is also something that Google will factor in when ranking your site. It…

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Caching – “Because It’s Faster, Of Course”

Never blindly trust that a caching solution will help make your site faster

Previously I wrote about Effective caching with WordPress and how I ended up improving the site speed by nearly 400%. I wanted to talk more about how you should never blindly trust that a caching solution will help make your site faster. The basic concept of caching is to save the server time by keeping…

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Quickly add the Facebook Messenger Customer Chat Plugin to your site.

Facebook Messenger plugin allows for cross-platform communication.

The Facebook messenger chat plugin for websites is a great way of communicating with your audience and providing customer service. This will also tie into your Facebook page insights. Install the Facebook SDK Install the Facebook Javascript SDK and include the code just after the opening <body> tag. Find your App ID by visiting the…

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Debugging with PHPStorm and Xdebug

See what's under the hood.

Setup If you haven’t configured MAMP to use Xdebug yet then you can do so by reading this quick article. In addition, add the following just under zend_extension. It should be noted that Xdebug should not be on your production server and enabling the remote_connect_back flag is also not recommended for publicly accessible staging servers…

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Effective caching with WordPress

You can only throw so much money at a problem before you are forced to fix it.

Effective caching with WordPress is not always a straightforward as it should be. WordPress has had the same architecture for many years, but it’s a large undertaking to revamp it. It means losing compatibility with hundreds of thousands of plugins and themes. Because of this WordPress runs a bit slower and needs some finer attention…