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If you are doing any work with a database you probably have used phpMyAdmin. It is an excellent tool, and for a lot of tasks, I prefer to use it.

But when it comes down to QA or debugging of data on an established database I like to use an application. For the Mac, I use Sequel Pro. Don’t let the Pro fool you though, it is a free application but rely on Donations.

I would offer the MySQL Query Browser as a PC alternative but it has since been redeveloped into a workbench. I have not spent much time getting to know it so, for now, I will focus on the Mac.

Since I use Dreamhost I will layout the steps needed to connect to your Database.

Other hosts might allow something similar but unless they offer an external connection like or by IP then you won’t be able to use localhost.

Setup your User:

To gain access you need to add your external IP to the MySQL user by going into the MySQL Goodies, Click on your database user name to get to the properties. Under “Allowable Hosts” enter your IP address. It will also be listed beside the text box. But you can use IP Chicken if you are unsure.

Open up Sequel Pro and fill in the blanks.

When you open up Sequel Pro make sure that you have a Standard connection selected. Give the connection a name. enter your Dreamhost MySQL address, User-name, Password, leaving the port as default (3306).

Connect and everything should work, you can now select a database from the drop-down on the left. If you get a connection error then check your login credentials, make sure your External IP is correct, you may also need to wait a few mins for Dreamhost to add your IP to their system.

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