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A better WordPress admin title.

At least for me!

At the moment I have 5 posts open to edit. Looking at them, all I see is “Edit Post < Adam Patterson – WordPress“. Sure 5 tabs aren’t that many and not that hard to sort through but I began to wonder why WordPress wouldn’t simply show the post title for pages and posts. Lucky…

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Centering Social Media Blocks with Gutenberg

Gutenberg just needs a little hand.

I can confirm that centering of most media embeds does not work. Left and right alignment do, but it then causes content to wrap around the media in an undesirable ( for me ) way. Here is some SCSS that mostly worked for me. There is some spacing on the right that I haven’t tracked…

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Responsive Video Embeds with Gutenberg

Quick and easy!

I have been spending some time re-working my starter theme Axe to support Gutenberg, and as part of the process has been updating the theme to support Bootstrap 4 as well as a bunch of other cleanup. After testing some dummy content I noticed that out of the box Gutenberg does not support responsive video…

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How to Cache wp-json with CloudFront

I’m not sure if I’m the only one who has tried to Cache WordPress API endpoint wp-json without a plugin, but I sure didn’t find anything useful out there. I have been working with the WordPress API bringing some blog content into a non WordPress site and noticed that like most things with WordPress the…

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My Hacked PlayStation Account, And How I Fixed It

Last year we bought a PS4 Pro, I was excited having never really played a modern console. We picked up a Destiny 2 and a hand full of other games. Destiny 2 quickly became one of my favorites connecting with friends and eventually joining a clan. My 11-year-old son also enjoyed the game. He would…

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Quickly start using Webpack Monitor with Laravel Mix

Know what you're packing

Webpack is the third build tool that I have used in the last 2-3 years. It’s inevitable that you will come across build tools. For small quick and dirty projects I still use Code Kit, But for those larger and more complex sites, I like to use Laravel Mix. It seemed to offer the most…

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Clean up your WordPress Draft posts!

Where Ideas sometimes happen.

I think I am what I would call an Idea guy. I like to come up with “cool” ideas, some times I will go as far as to write some specs, make some simple sketches… And then totally forget about them. Or if I am lucky I will come back to them months later. This…

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Docker, Staging sites, and Robots.txt

Deploying production and staging sites using Docker is quick and simple, but having one repo, two servers that need two environments can be tricky. My Docker setup involves a container on AWS, and deployments from Cloud Docker. When I deploy a change or a new feature to production or staging the entire environment is pushed….

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Using Laravel Mix in Your WordPress Theme

I have been using Laravel Mix or Elixer as it was once known with Laravel for a long time now and have recently started using it with my WordPress projects. I thought I would share how you can get up and running with as little hassle as possible. I also include my mix() method that…

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How to get SSL working with MAMP.

What the heck Google!

I have an updated post on Super simple local wildcard SSL that will allow you to greatly simplify the certificate creation steps. Local SSL has always been something that I ignored. So I never gave it the time of day. That is until Google did the unthinkable. They bought the .dev TLD. And not only…

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The Honest Employee

My Dad told me a story many years ago when I was a wide-eyed kid looking up at him ( I was probably 9 ) that I think most people don’t really think about. He told me that honest employees will always make less money. He didn’t tell me this to set me off down…

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Hey, I’m A Maker!

And I'm on YouTube

As if I didn’t have enough on my plate already. Managing a full-time job, family, and Freelance work. I also thought it would be fun to record some of the work I do in my free time. I would like to start a site soon where I will interview and showcase local makers. So far,…

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Axe & Handle Updated to include WebPack / Laravel Mix

While I continually update Axe and Handle as I work on new projects, I had a request to add WebPack and thought rather than going into a complicated build process I would add Laravel Mix. Feel free to install Bootstrap, jQuery and other resources using NPM. But you now have the full power of Laravel…