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WordPress Loop Helpers

If you have ever used Laravel, you have probably also used Blade. Blade is a simple and powerful template language provided with Laravel. Blade has many wonderful features but one of them, as it relates to WordPress, is how it works with a The Loop. Normally in the WordPress loop you would set a variable…

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Clean up your WordPress Draft posts!

Where Ideas sometimes happen.

I think I am what I would call an Idea guy. I like to come up with “cool” ideas, some times I will go as far as to write some specs, make some simple sketches… And then totally forget about them. Or if I am lucky I will come back to them months later. This…

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Handle, The Child theme for Axe

Every Axeneeds a Handle

I created Axe (Which you can find here) to aid in my day to day workflow with WordPress, and once I had built enough sites using it. Refining the setup as I went, I was ready to make a child theme. Naturally, every Axe needs a Handle. One notable difference in flexibility is the use of…

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Axe WordPress Starter Theme

Cut through the BS and get straight to work!

Axe is a simple bare bone WordPress starter theme structure. It’s a theme meant to be a starting point to get you set up and running as fast as possible. My workflow might not be very orthodox but I typically review the design, Setup my Custom post types using Custom Post Type UI and setup…