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WordPress Loop Helpers

If you have ever used Laravel, you have probably also used Blade. Blade is a simple and powerful template language provided with Laravel. Blade has many wonderful features but one of them, as it relates to WordPress, is how it works with a The Loop. Normally in the WordPress loop you would set a variable…

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Laravel 7 Custom Email Verification Template

I will be assuming that you have already got Laravel installed, setup and tour authentication is working. Otherwise, why would you be looking into customizing the email templates? 😁 The Laravel documentation for Email Verification will cover the setup by reading the documentation. But it stops just short of actually explaining how to customize the…

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Laravel 7 Custom Password Rest Email Template

The Laravel documentation mentions that you can customize the Password Rest Template, but doesn’t explain how you would actually do it. That said, I will assume that you already have auth and have published your auth views. That is covered very well in the documentation. As stated in the documentation you will need to over…

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How to display draft posts in the blog loop

The other day I realized that I had a lot of posts sitting in draft mode, but I wanted to have a look and see what the Blog loop looked like. Obviously viewing the draft post isn’t a big deal. I began to wonder if it was possible to display draft posts in the blog…

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Simple OSX and MAMP development platform.

Like it or not, MAMP is an excellent tool for local development. If you work on multiple sites or projects at the same time across different frameworks and or CMS’s then MAMP will make your life simple. This MAMP development setup is what I have used for years while working on many freelance projects, personal…

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Caching – “Because It’s Faster, Of Course”

Never blindly trust that a caching solution will help make your site faster

Previously I wrote about Effective caching with WordPress and how I ended up improving the site speed by nearly 400%. I wanted to talk more about how you should never blindly trust that a caching solution will help make your site faster. The basic concept of caching is to save the server time by keeping…

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Debugging with PHPStorm and Xdebug

See what's under the hood.

Setup If you haven’t configured MAMP to use Xdebug yet then you can do so by reading this quick article. In addition, add the following just under zend_extension. It should be noted that Xdebug should not be on your production server and enabling the remote_connect_back flag is also not recommended for publicly accessible staging servers…

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Laravel 5.5 issue on PHP 7.0

How to install Laravel 5.5 with PHP 7.0

This is more of a note to myself, But a while back when Laravel announced that it would have minimum support for PHP 7.0 I thought nothing of it. My server was running Ubuntu 16.04 so I had PHP 7.0 Fast forward and Laravel 5.5 is out and ready for the masses. A few updates…

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Image rotation is not supported by your web host.

When you build your own Web Server you are bound to run into little issues. In my case, they always seem to be WordPress related… Previously I had an issue connecting JetPack to, you can read about that here. Recently I attached a Featured Image on a blog post and went to rotate the…

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Handle, The Child theme for Axe

Every Axeneeds a Handle

I created Axe (Which you can find here) to aid in my day to day workflow with WordPress, and once I had built enough sites using it. Refining the setup as I went, I was ready to make a child theme. Naturally, every Axe needs a Handle. One notable difference in flexibility is the use of…

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Make a custom Composer Package.

First, what is Composer and what is a Package? Composer is a dependency manager for PHP. Those Dependencies are what we call Packages that don’t have to be but are usually stored on Packagist. Making a private Composer Package is really simple, but the first thing that you need to make a new repo for…