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WordPress Loop Helpers

If you have ever used Laravel, you have probably also used Blade. Blade is a simple and powerful template language provided with Laravel. Blade has many wonderful features but one of them, as it relates to WordPress, is how it works with a The Loop. Normally in the WordPress loop you would set a variable…

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A better WordPress admin title.

At least for me!

At the moment I have 5 posts open to edit. Looking at them, all I see is “Edit Post < Adam Patterson – WordPress“. Sure 5 tabs aren’t that many and not that hard to sort through but I began to wonder why WordPress wouldn’t simply show the post title for pages and posts. Lucky…

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How to Cache wp-json with CloudFront

I’m not sure if I’m the only one who has tried to Cache WordPress API endpoint wp-json without a plugin, but I sure didn’t find anything useful out there. I have been working with the WordPress API bringing some blog content into a non WordPress site and noticed that like most things with WordPress the…

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Using Laravel Mix in Your WordPress Theme

I have been using Laravel Mix or Elixer as it was once known with Laravel for a long time now and have recently started using it with my WordPress projects. I thought I would share how you can get up and running with as little hassle as possible. I also include my mix() method that…

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Axe & Handle Updated to include WebPack / Laravel Mix

While I continually update Axe and Handle as I work on new projects, I had a request to add WebPack and thought rather than going into a complicated build process I would add Laravel Mix. Feel free to install Bootstrap, jQuery and other resources using NPM. But you now have the full power of Laravel…

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Caching – “Because It’s Faster, Of Course”

Never blindly trust that a caching solution will help make your site faster

Previously I wrote about Effective caching with WordPress and how I ended up improving the site speed by nearly 400%. I wanted to talk more about how you should never blindly trust that a caching solution will help make your site faster. The basic concept of caching is to save the server time by keeping…

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WordPress is working on a block editor called Gutenberg!

I have a long and tumultuous relationship with WordPress. All the way back to version 0.7. Then, updates were not nearly as reliable. But WordPress has grown a lot since then. Well, at least everything except the content editor. Sure, we have a better media manager, Post Meta, Post Formats, Revisions, and all kinds of…

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Bootstrap centered nav menus

I have used the CSS Frameowker Bootstrap now since version 2. Bootstrap 4, as I’m sure you know, is nearing maturity and it was time to rebuild my theme using Bootstrap 4. I wanted to maintain a justified and centred navigation menu. This was easier to do than I had thought. I build my menus…

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Proper WordPress menus with Bootstrap 4

Bootstrap 4 has come a long way, but it doesn't fit inside of WordPress all that well.

One common struggle with WordPress is the integration of menus with different front-end frameworks like Bootstrap. Making them work out of the box is impossible and requires some goofing around. In this article, I will show you how to make some simple adjustments to your menu that will allow you to easily style them with…

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Handle, The Child theme for Axe

Every Axeneeds a Handle

I created Axe (Which you can find here) to aid in my day to day workflow with WordPress, and once I had built enough sites using it. Refining the setup as I went, I was ready to make a child theme. Naturally, every Axe needs a Handle. One notable difference in flexibility is the use of…

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Simple Cache buster for WordPress

Bust it by Design.

As with the Simple Cachebuster for Laravel I found myself needing a way to invalidate a WordPress sites assets. So as I did before, I opted to add a task to my gulpfile.js that will generate a file in the root of the site for me. /wp-cache-buster.php that simply contains a timestamp. The difference with…

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Axe WordPress Starter Theme

Cut through the BS and get straight to work!

Axe is a simple bare bone WordPress starter theme structure. It’s a theme meant to be a starting point to get you set up and running as fast as possible. My workflow might not be very orthodox but I typically review the design, Setup my Custom post types using Custom Post Type UI and setup…

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Problems connecting your WordPress site to Jetpack.

XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only

After setting up a fresh install of WordPress on my new Digital Ocean box with PHP 7.0 I had a few issues reconnecting my Jetpack accounts. I got the error XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only and after doing some research found out it’s caused by a missing PHP extension for XML that handles Dom…

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Full control over WordPress menus.

Sometimes you just need 100% control over your WordPress menus.

Calling wp_nav_menu() directly has its place, but typically your walker function that might generate a Bootstrap compatible main menu might not be ideal for a footer, location selection, or sidebar link list. Using wp_get_nav_menu_items() will give us access to every part of the menu object. Title, Link, Class name, and window location. Don’t forget to…